Saturday, 21 May 2011


Hello everyone this time i have decided to actually try texturing my models after several people have commented on the obvious lack of textures on most 3d models i have made.

So i shall be posting updates on how i get on atm i am texturing my favorite model the Mosin Nagant

Starting with the stock which i have found a really simple and effective rosewood tutorial it gives a really nice effect of wood. Also please feel free to suggest any other photoshop tutorials that may be handy to me ^^

Monday, 28 February 2011

Rendering Non Textured

Found a good simple tutorial on rendering a few weeks back for making some good lighting for weapon models heres what i got from it :)

I am really happy with how it looks in my opinion it defines the detail of the model and makes it stand out so you can see the work the artist has put into modeling it ^^.

Anyway heres the link hope it helps anyone

Sunday, 20 February 2011

First time texturing

Here is my first real obstacle in modeling. UV mapping i know many a modeler who dreads these words. But i guess its the price people pay for modeling and the model will never be ready for a game or animation or whatever unless its textured well. So after a couple of hours headache on one boring day here is my first attempt and texturing a simple object in this case a barrel for a game i am working called Infectious Life (Hint Hint view that page please!)

Welcome to an Artists first blog

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog :) i will use this space on the internet to post my modeling exploits and general 3d game developing modeling oh and maybe a bit of 2d for fun :) ok now ive run out of things to say so.. go look at my work :)